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A Ling/Winry Community

Title: Second Fill
Artist: enemytosleep
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Winry/Greedling
Warnings: explicit female nudity, fingering, hints of ballsack
Notes: Drawn for fma_fuh_q's Ling round. Thanks to bob_fish for all the help. :3

She wasn't tired ... yet.

Ed/Win + Ling Sexy Tiemz
Title: Double Team Supreme

Author: enemytosleep
Word Count: 4,781
Rating: NC-17

Characters: Ed/Win + Ling (and later mentions of Ed/Ling)
Prompt: springkink - kinkmeme [Fullmetal Alchemist] Winry/Ed/Ling: Ed needs persuading about this three-way business, but luckily, they are totally up to the task.

Summary: Ed's a little uptight, and Ling and Winry want to change that.

Warnings: language, a little bit of sexy tiemz, awkward teenagedness
Notes: This was written a while ago, but I thought it was fun enough to post again and get things started in here.

 There's probably a reason for that, Winry. Your brain would go into some sort of overload. You wouldn't want that, now would you? 

First Post, Introductions?
FMA ; Winry ; bright as can be
Hello guys! The community is finally being advertised Aug 15, though I've been meaning to get it out there for so long! As you probably have already guessed, this was created in order to reach out to other Ling/Winry fans and hopefully inspire so more!

I'll be posting this to a couple communities, so if you happen to see it and decide to join, please feel free to comment here introducing yourself. Tell us about yourself, how you got into FMA, why you like L/W, what other pairings or characters you like, WHAT HAVE YE.